Skill Centre

Selwyn United Skills Centre

Skills Centre are a New Zealand Football accredited program looking to develop football players year-round with a specific focus on development of individuals technical work.


The Selwyn United Skills Centre vision is to create an environment for players to have access to high quality coaching and develop as individuals regardless of a player’s motivation or ability.


The aim is to underpin our Talent Centre with quality players who are able to develop key football habits with sessions specifically designed to affect all areas of the players development in a positive way.


Selwyn United are a member of a few selected clubs able to deliver Skills Centre’s in the region.



  • Individual Development of a player where the outcome is technical improvement
  • Training sessions within the Skill Centre reflects individual skill development with SSGs (4v4) and Skill Practices
  • Accelerate the technical development of our players to compensate for the lack of:
    – Hours – formal and informal
    – Playing with and against best players
  • Open entry – but does require a level of commitment
  • Gives the opportunity to raise standards of Junior Football

What is it?

  • Individualised development programme for 8 to 11-year-old boys and girls to accelerate the skills of the Kiwi footballer.
  • To assemble highly motivated, committed and skilled players together with highly qualified coaches.
  • Term 4 (summer) programme designed for the ‘future’ football player.

Who it’s for:

  • Players who wish develop their skills with highly qualified coaches
  • Players who wish to add to their football skills outside of their usual club sessions

Anyone is welcome within the Skills Centre, in order to register please follow the link below:


Please click here to register for the Skill Centre


If you have any queries in regards to the Skill Centre before registering, please contact:


Director of Football – Lee Padmore –