Talent Centre

Selwyn United is committed to providing the most professional football program available in the region. We work towards ensuring all of our players are catered for whatever stage they are in their development and work with each individual towards a pathway that is correct for them.

We have many exciting times ahead with initiatives such as the Elite Player Development Program in line with Rolleston College and moving towards being an inaugural licensed club within New Zealand.

Selwyn United’s talented players are looked after in the best possible way and are encouraged to hold the highest standards both on and off the pitch as well as providing the community with positive role models and portraying Selwyn United in a positive manner.

Within the programme, players receive sessions of the highest order, working along a macro, meso, microcycle process looking to develop players throughout the year, taking in to account players development peak and troughs and the physical maturation of each individual.

Alongside this, we have an ongoing evaluation process which is aimed at giving the players the best feedback to ensure they move forward with their game. We work with other academies during and out of season to ensure we have an ongoing game program that suits our players. Lastly, when players get to 11th grade they are invited to be a part of our physical testing. Here players are measured on their sprint, power and endurance and also measured in relation to their Peak Height Velocity (PHV).

With the Talent Centre players, we set standards for the culture at the beginning of the season and each group has an individual attendance target (usually between 75% & 90% depending on the age group).

Our aim overall is to be the best on & off the pitch in relation to our playing style, morals and demeanour. Our programme is different to many others as the main aim is to produce great people who are capable of succeeding in whatever pathway life finds for them.

Selwyn United’s Talent Centre Curriculum has been modelled on successful talent development programs around the world and adapted for our regions unique needs.

The registration to trial for the Talent Centre is below, you will be invited to 4 trial sessions before a decision will be made in relation to attending Selwyn United Talent Centre in the long term.

If you would like to register for the talent centre use an email below

Selwyn Talent Centre: Please email stc@sufc.co.nz
Selwyn Skills Centre: Please email stc@sufc.co.nz
Selwyn Goalkeeper Talent Centre: Please email stc@sufc.co.nz
Selwyn Goalkeeper Community Centre: Please email stc@sufc.co.nz